About Me

Final year Software Engineer student at the University of Waikato excited to take a big step forward in life.

Growing Up

Born in Cairo, Egypt, 1999, my parents had an unbelievable opportunity to move to Hawera, New Zealand. After growing up and spending 5 years of my childhood in this small town, in 2007, I had the chance to live in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. During my time in the Arabian Gulf, my arabic skills improved and I have met some lifelong friends whom I will never forget. Fast forward 2 more years, Lausanne, Switzerland was my next destination. Residing in a small town called Pully, I learnt French at a fluent level and maintained high grades to get into the top class for intermediate school (VSB - La Voie Secondaire à Baccalauréa). During my time in the canton of Vaud, I also learnt German at an intermediate level. Finally, in 2013, I arrived in Hamilton, New Zealand where I went to Hamilton Boys' High School to complete my NCEA certification at a Merit level.

Free Time

During my spare time away from University, I like to spend time playing football. I am also an Arsenal fan, so I get depressed every Sunday morning watching the torture. Away from sport, I like to play video games such as League of Legends & World of Warcraft. I ranked 2nd best Udyr in Oceania for League of Legends and was the 20th best Demon Hunter for the World of Warcraft Oceanic server.

Skill Set

Below are some skills that I have gained during my time at University, Professional Work and Spare Time.

Project Management

At Waikato University, all engineering students must take a management paper which allows students to manage a 2nd or 3rd year university project. In my case, I was tasked to manage a team of 4 student software engineers to create an interactive website where users can play online games together.

Machine Learning

After taking up an internship at PlantTech Research Institution focusing on the creation of a deep learning model with TensorFlow, I grew a passion for the field of Artificial Intelligience. I then decided to focus me Honours research into implementing Machine Learning Algorithms for Android & IoT Devices.

Programming Langauges

During my time at University the langauges I learnt were: Python, C#, C, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, SQL, and Kotlin. After being heavily interested in created my own IOS application, I decided to learn Swift & Xcode and create my own IOS application. C++ was learnt during my time at Gallagher


Whilst working at Gallagher Group Ltd, I was tasked to transmit information from a microcontroller to AWS using MQTT network protocol. This experience introduced me to the realm of IoT. I was also asked to use AWS IoT Core to manage the devices that were transmitting information.

My Work


Snakes & Ladders Memory Mashup

A second year university project tasked to create a combination of 2 games: Snakes & Ladders, and Memory Mash. The project taught me how to use React, HTML, and Node.js


A second year university project focusing on Android app development. The project created was a single player game where the user has to dodge shurikens being thrown at the player by moving the device, and throw back shurikens to hit the ninjas.

Pill Detector

A project made during my free time to learn more about object detection. I developed and deployed a model using the TensorFlow object detection library to an IOS app in order to detect pills. The purpose of this project was to aid pharmacy workers in counting pills by automating the workflow.

KiwiFruit Detector

During the summer of 2019, I had the opportunity to undertake a machine learning project for PlantTech Research Institution. The focus of the project was to be able to create a TensorFlow model that can be used for KiwiFruit Detection.

Muslim Snap

An IPhone app created to learn about IOS app development, Firebase, and Google Places API. The app focused on allowing muslim users to interact with each other as well as find nearby attractions to suit their needs.

Minecraft Java Plugin

Minecraft is a game written in Java where users can explore and fight with each other. In my second year of uiniversity, I created a project to write a plugin for a Minecraft server that allows users to queue up in an arena setting and fight each other in a 1v1 duel. The code was written in Java and was deployed on my own Minecraft Server. This was an introduction to using API's as I needed to use the Mojang API to give users items to use in the 1v1 duel.

YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNJsQB4rY9Y&ab_channel=YoussefElwakil

Contact Me

Please feel free to contact me down below or even check out my Github, LinkedIn or Twitter via the Sidebar!